Through the support of Healthy Communities Delaware, the SWPN, Southbridge Civic
Association, and the Asakura Robinson planning firm is working with community-based
partners and residents to develop a Planning Implementation Action Plan. This plan will
inform actions and performance measures to address community residents’ myriad
concerns, also including the impacts of COVID-19 on the Southbridge community.
Primary and secondary data collection will assess housing needs, food insecurity,
financial security, un/under-employment, and local environmental perceptions to
develop this planning document that guides healthy and equitable redevelopment.

This plan will build off recommendations from both the 2006 South Wilmington
Neighborhood Plan and Wilmington’s 2028 Comprehensive Plan and provide prioritized
action steps for completing them. It will also capture new ideas from Southbridge
residents about community environmental, economic, and health issues, while also
assessing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic and setting a course for recovery.

Get involved! Email us at to be included
in project updates.

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The Southbridge Community BBQ will be held Thursday, June 10th 5:30-8:00PM at Barbara Hicks Park, 416 Bradford St, and Neighborhood House if it rains. This event is FREE to the public! Music by DJ TyTheFuture, food catered, tabling by employers and job training programs, and the CareForceMD COVID-19 Vaccination bus will all be included. Sign up for on-site vaccinations at We will also share information about the Southbridge Neighborhood Plan, and ways you can get involved.

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Steering Committee Summary

Steering Committee Meetings:

  1. Meeting #1; 1.12.2021
  2. Meeting #2; 3.1.2021
  3. Meeting #3; 3.29.2021

SBNP Public Workshops:

  1. Notes from Public Workshop #1; 2.16.2021
    1. Facebook Live