About Us

About Us

Formed in 2009, the South Wilmington Planning Network (SWPN) is a collaborative partnership of residents and dozens of government, non-profit, and private agencies who work together to improve quality of life in the Southbridge neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware.

Growing from five members in 2009 to 30 by 2014, the SWPN continued to implement
and call attention to the goals outlined in the SAMP (Special Area Management Plan)
developed by the community in 2006. This work includes various transportation
initiatives, youth projects, park revitalization and the development of community

In 2020, the SWPN and Southbridge Civic Association embarked on an update of the
Neighborhood Plan via a grant from Healthy Communities Delaware. The new plan will
build off recommendations in Wilmington’s 2028 Comprehensive Plan – laying out a
strategic vision and action steps for the equitable and inclusive redevelopment of

Southbridge is an historic, African-American, working-class neighborhood of 1,300. The community struggles with environmental and health concerns, high unemployment and a poverty rate of 30% – nearly three times the state average.

Our initiatives are centered around:

  1. Built and Natural Environmental, Workforce, and Economic Development
  2. Health Care and Preventative Services
  3. Youth Development and Programs

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